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Although I don’t claim to be a poet, I have really been enjoying writing my herbal rhymes. I have written quite a number of them and may eventually compile them for who knows why….Perhaps someone out there may find them fun, interesting, irrelevant, helpful, goofy….something. So, today I’m going to share with you one for Oatstraw.

Ode to Avena sativa (Oats)

Your sleepless and your restless
Your mind is not at ease
You do for others all the time
Trying hard to please

Your hair has lost it’s luster
and feels like horses straw
Your nails they break,
for goodness sakes,
and your one last nerve is raw

Feeling quite lethargic
your energy it did wane
Your head it hurts on down your spine
And is causing you such pain

Sweet and moist,
the milky seed,
a tonic for the nerves
Kick on back,
and just relax,
its just what you deserve.

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