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Are you having a difficult time losing weight, dealing with hypertension, high cholesterol, fibroid’s or other metabolic irregularities?

Come join me for this class where we will be discussing the physiology behind Insulin Resistance and its relationship to a host of conditions including High Blood Pressure, Thrombosis, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart disease, infertility, PCOS and more.  Also, we will discuss, in detail, steps for identifying and reversing Insulin Resistance which in turn can help to resolve many of these underlying metabolic irregularities.

WHEN:  October 7th, 2016 (10 am – 2 pm)

Where:  Black Creek Center for Herbal Studies (Middleburg, Fla.)

Who:  Anyone/No Herbal Experience Necessary

(Space Limited)

Cost:  $60.00


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Come join me on April 16th , 2016 from 10 am – 4 pm to learn how to make your own herbal preparations and how to use them safely and effectively for both acute and chronic conditions.


This class is a hands on intensive where each student has the opportunity to make their own herbal preparations which they will then get to take home.  These remedies will include the foundations for beginning your own herbal first aid kit.

In this class we will we discuss the safety of herbs, the benefits of using herbs as well as learning how to prepare the following:

  • – Herbal Tinctures
  • – Herbal Teas and Decoctions
  • – Infused Herbal Oils
  • – Herbal Elixirs
  • – Herbal Oxymels
  • – Herbal Healing Salve
  • – Herbal Syrups/Honey

Students will receive handouts of all the material that is covered in class.

Coffee, Tea and Snacks will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring a bag lunch.

COST:  $65.00 (includes material costs/non-refundable)

LOCATION:  4170 Dowling Rd., Middleburg, Fla. 32068

CONTACT:  Natalie Vickery (904)613-2738/family_herbalist@yahoo.com





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Herbal Preps and Apps 2D

Come join me for a weekend long Medicine Making intensive!!

(Saturday Oct 4th and Sunday Oct 5th)
(10 am – 4 pm each day)


ONLY $125.00

Herbal Preparations and Applications:

In this class the student will learn how to make herbal preparations and how to
use them safely and effectively for both acute and chronic conditions. The student will learn how to make the following preparations and discuss the following:

– The Safety of Herbs
– Tinctures
– Nourishing, Medicinal, Cold Water, Solar and Lunar Infusions and Decoctions
– Salves
– Infused herbal oils (Crockpot and Oven method included)
– Poultices
– Compresses
– Fomentations
– Oxymels
– Elixirs
– Syrups
– Honeys
– Electuary
– Vinegars
– Liniments
– Steams
– Pills and Lozenges
– Using Powdered Herbs
– Solubility of Herbal Constituents
– Dosages


–  Bring a bag lunch to enjoy along with some light refreshments and drinks that will be served.

–  Directions will be sent after registration

–  If the class size is large it will be held out doors so wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

–  Any questions call Natalie (904)613-2738

Class Fee:

Regularly $144.00


ONLY $125.00 (ends Sept 25th)

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I recently had the opportunity to give an introductory class on medicinal herbs to a group of massage therapists.  Like many other schools the Heritage Institute in Jacksonville, Florida is now incorporating classes focusing on various alternative modalities.  During the course of my naturopathic training I had the opportunity to take an introductory course in massage.  I wondered at the time why I needed to study massage.  Eventually, I began to understand that the courses weren’t designed to teach me how to become a massage therapist, but rather to help me become familiar with what other practitioners in other modalities have to offer me as a practitioner and my clients.

By taking the course in massage therapy it allowed me to gain insight into the benefits of massage therapy and to identify when this particular modality might be beneficial for my clients.  By having an introduction to various modalities it offers me additional options for my clients health conditions which might not otherwise be addressed within my own practice.

I think that it is very beneficial for herbalists as well as others in the “alternative” and conventional practices  to reach out to their allies in the industry.  By working together as practitioners we ensure that the client gets a complete “holistic” approach and that we are able to address their  emotional, physical/structural and spiritual needs.

Whether you are a Herbalist, Naturopath, Massage therapist, Chiropractor, Accupuncturist, or Conventional practitioner  I do hope you will consider reaching out to other like-minded practitioners.  By building a repore, teaching introductory classes to others outside your modality you will be nurturing and strengthening a more integrative approach to healing which will benefit both you and your clients.

For those of you who are students, instructors or practitioners in other modalities I offer a one hour and thirty minute introductory class on medicinal herbs.  This class, Introduction to Medicinal Herbs, provides a clear understanding of the principles for using and administering herbal medicines and gives insight into the benefits of working with an Herbalists or Naturopath.  This class covers:

  • An Introduction to Naturopathy and Herbalism
  • Preventing Illness
  • Factors Which Influence Our Health
  • Observation as a Healing Tool
  • A Brief History of Herbs
  • The Safety of Herbs
  • Using Herbs as Medicine
  • Understanding the Taste of Herbs
  • Methods and Applications for Using Herbs
  • An Introduction to Hydrotherapy
  • Developing Relationships within the Health Care Community

If you think that this would benefit you or your organization call today to schedule your class.

Call Natalie Vickery @ 904-613-2738

Fee –  $10/Student (Minimum 5 students)

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