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Thymus x citriodorus, (Lemon Thyme) , labeled

 One of my favorite herbs to grow in the garden is Thyme. Thyme is a beautiful perennial herb that adds a lot of beauty to the garden, is very aromatic and extremely versatile.

Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris

Parts Used: Aerial parts

Energetics: Warming, Drying, Pungent(Spicy), Aromatic, VK-P+

Common name: Garden Thyme; Common Thyme

The common Garden Thyme is not an herb to underestimate; it is a powerful healing plant. Thyme is a very Aromatic herb which is Pungent/Spicy in taste. By just brushing your hand across the top of the herb you get a whiff of the distinct aroma right away.

Aromatic herbs like Thyme are stimulating which allow them to get things moving or increase function. Increased function in the digestive system helps (more…)

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Spiced EggsOne of my passions has always been cooking.  As an herbalist I love looking for creative ways to get herbs into each and every meal.  Herbs not only convey their wonderful aroma and flavor, but also allow us the opportunity to incorporate their medicinal virtues into our daily lives.

Although, the quantity of the herbs we use in cooking are usually not enough to be considered for over coming chronic illnesses, their daily use is certainly beneficial for maintaining or improving overall health and preventing more chronic illnesses from arising.

Here is a wonderfully tasty dish (more…)

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Bitter HerbsBitter herbs and foods stimulate digestion by triggering the release of enzymes, hormones and digestive secretions such as saliva, acids and bile.  Because of this fact various organs such as the liver, gallbladder and pancreas benefit from their use.  This increase in digestive function helps to break down starches, fats and proteins and therefore increases metabolism.

Because bitters improve digestion they also help to increase nutrient absorption.  Bitters help to tone and tighten tissue which increases the integrity of the tissue as well as creating a protective barrier (more…)

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Pondering Pine

ImageWhen most people think of the Florida landscape, besides the beaches and oceans, they think of Palm trees and Palmettos.  However, we here in Florida also have an abundance of Pine (Pinus spp.) which is very pervasive (seven native species and three other species that are planted commercially).  Because of the fact that pine is so prolific it only makes sense that natives would have discovered practical applications for using the wood as well as medicinal applications to tend to their ill.


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I absolutely love spring because it ushers in new beginnings.   Fresh and vibrant plants which lay dormant all winter are now poking their little heads up to feel the warm air and greet the sun.  This is about the time of the year when our Southern Dewberries (Rubus trivialis) start to bloom.  The berries won’t come in until sometime in late April or early May, but the blossoms are just a reminder that soon we will be gorging ourselves on their juicy ripe berries.

The Dewberry is often confused with the Blackberry as they look quite similar.  However, Dewberries fruit earlier and grow close to the ground like a vine, while the Blackberry grows on upright stems or canes.

Like the Blackberry the Dewberries are edible and are a great treat on a warm spring day.  Dewberries like Blackberries can also be used medicinally (more…)

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MLHH Update 9-13 FlatI’m excited to announce that my Ebook, “Mother’s Little Herbal Helper and Home Remedies”, is now available for purchase.

My inspiration for this Ebook are all the calls I get from people asking what they can use for acute conditions around the home.  This book includes over 50 home remedies and information on prevention, nutrition, plant medicines, making herbal preparations and much more.

Whether you’re just starting out with herbs or merely interested in learning about tried and true herbal and natural remedies for your family, “Mother’s Little Herbal Helper and Home Remedies”, is the book for you.

Mother’s Little Herbal Helper and home remedies is a great reference guide to have around the home or would make an excellent gift for mother’s to be or grandparents alike.

Topics discussed include:

– Prevention

–  The Body’s Ability to Heal

–  Observation as a Healing Tool

–  Antibiotics

–  Children’s Dosages

–  Fever as an Ally

–  Healing with Foods

–  Basic Nutrition:  The Building Blocks of Good Health

–  The Benefits of Water

–  Food as Medicine

–  Things to Avoid in Your Diet

–  Safety of Herbs

–  Herbs vs Synthetic Drugs

–  Herbal Preparations

–  Herbs and Spices in the Kitchen

–  Medicinal Herb Garden

–  Medicinal Herbs

–  Putting Together an Herbal First Aid Kit

–  Hydrotherapy

–  Folk and Home Remedies

– Kitchen Medicine and Remedies

–  Kitchen Preparations for First Aid

–  Folk and Home Remedies

So as you can see this E-book is absolutely loaded with information.

Mother’s Little Herbal Helper and Home Remedies

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Bonus: Also includes an  Introductory class on Aromatherapy (Powerpoint), beautiful printable handout, “The Possible uses of Essential Oils” and 3 lovely Aromatherapy Recipe Cards which can be printed out and laminated.

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Having Chai by the Fire

I couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful story with you as it is an example of how children learn through their experiences.  My guest writer for this particular article is my wonderful son Hunter who is just turning 10 this December.  He wrote this paper at school as part of a writing assignment.

At times he must think I am the most sadistic mom in the world as I nudge him towards making healthy choices in his life and explain to him the consequences of bad decisions.  I’m sure there are many times that he would want to trade his organic apple (or his mother) with some kid who is noshing on a cream filled cupcake, but what kid wouldn’t. (more…)

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