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Ode to the Herbalist.

This one goes out to all of you herbalists and wanta be’s. Keep doing what you do and let your passion be your guide.

Ode to The Herbalist

Teas and tinctures, salves and balms
Studying the plants from dusk til dawn.

Making our peace with nature and such
Lending an ear and never asking for much.

Within the woods and meadows we roam
A trek across town for an ill child at home.

Earaches and bellyaches, colic we tend
Hoping our kindness and herbs they will mend.

Our passion for plant’s it runs through our veins
Our passion for healing and to help ease the pain.

Ode to the Herbalist who gives from their soul
For helping the ill once again feel whole.

By Natalie Vickery (The Chicken Doc)

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