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This beautiful fuzzy feeling plant is a wonderful addition to any home medicine cabinet.  Feeling the leaves are like stroking the fur of a cat.  When most people think of Catnip they think of the little stuffed toys they buy for their cats that just seem to drive them wild.  However, this wonderful little herb is full of medicinal vertues to aid the whole family.  Catnip is a mildly sedative herb which may be beneficial for ailments related to nervous tension such as headaches, restlessness, sleeplessness and stomach upset to include colic.  Catnip is often employed as a diaphoretic (bringing about perspiration) during colds and fevers.  For babies who are teething and who tend to be fussy it is a priceless remedy.   The best applications for catnip is either by tea or tincture.  Folk remedies from the Appalachians often recommend chewing on Catnip to relieve a toothache.  The flowers of the plant are also edible and make a fabulous addition to just about any meal.

Botanical Name:  Nepeta cataria

Energetics:  bitter, spicy, cool

Properties:  antispasmodic, carminative, diaphoretic, nervine, and anodyne

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