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Seems like everybody I talk to is frantic about this whole H1N1 Flu.  A common stomach virus has everyone rushing off to the doctors office to determine whether it’s the flu or not.  Instead of reiterating all the information that is already out there on the web I thought I would direct readers to the most credible information I have found.

Swine Flu Vaccinations and Antiviral Drugs: A Matter of Faith – This is a post by Michael Tierra which discusses the myths associated with the H1N1 Flu and antivirals.

See also the videos I posted earlier from herbalist Paul Bergner.

Here is a list of herbs used for cold and flu compiled by herbalist Paul Bergner.

This article is written by herbalist Kiva Rose and discusses natural remedies for prevention and also how to avoid the cytokine storm which may come from over stimulation of the immune system.

Here is a fabulous article in the Journal of Medical Herbalism which addresses the issues associated with the 1918 pandemic and herbs and supplements to help prevent H1N1.

I hope that by reading some of these articles it will help people to help themselves by practicing prevention.  If for some reason you do get the flu or know someone with the flu…don’t panic.  There are a plethora of herbs which can aid the body even if the flu does set in.


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This is the continuation of herbalist Paul Bergner’s video’s on the prevention and treatment of the flu.


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With all the hupla going around about the H1N1 swine flu most people are confused about what to do….Should I vacinate?….Should I not?….What can I do to prevent the flu?….

I thought it might be a good idea to post several references from very reliable sources to help educate everyone on what they need to know. To start with I am adding two short videos presented by herbalist Paul Bergner. Paul goes indepth on what we need to know about the flu, prevention and treatment.


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Ode to the Herbalist.

This one goes out to all of you herbalists and wanta be’s. Keep doing what you do and let your passion be your guide.

Ode to The Herbalist

Teas and tinctures, salves and balms
Studying the plants from dusk til dawn.

Making our peace with nature and such
Lending an ear and never asking for much.

Within the woods and meadows we roam
A trek across town for an ill child at home.

Earaches and bellyaches, colic we tend
Hoping our kindness and herbs they will mend.

Our passion for plant’s it runs through our veins
Our passion for healing and to help ease the pain.

Ode to the Herbalist who gives from their soul
For helping the ill once again feel whole.

By Natalie Vickery (The Chicken Doc)

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Making a lotion.

Lotion 09I made my very first lotion yesterday and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Because you are combining oil and water I was somewhat intimidated by the whole process. However, I found it much less complicated than I had anticipated. My original recipe came from a recipe belonging to Rosemary Gladstar. I however, made some variations to the original recipe and came up with one that was unique to me. The whole process satiated my desire to be a mad scientist, alchemist, herbalist and cook.

One key to making a successful lotion is to have equal parts of the water and the oil. I used a Rose hydrosol instead of water and the final product came out with a wonderful aroma of old fashioned roses.

The recipe I used is as follows:

Water Portion =

2/3 cup of Rose hydrosol
1/3 cup Aloe Vera Gel

Oil Portion =

1/4 cup jojoba oil
1/4 cup almond oil
1/4 cup grapeseed oil
1/3 cup cocoa butter
1/4 tsp lanolin
1 oz grated bee’s wax

Combine all of the water portion and sit it aside. Next, put the oil portion in a double boiler and heated it through until all the wax is melted. Pour the oil portion in a blender and let it come to room temperature. Once the oil has cooled begin drizzling the water portion into the blender while you are blending. After adding all of the water portion scrape down the sides and blend again until smooth. Pour into jars and enjoy. This recipe made about 6 1/2 (2 oz) jars.

……………………………………………………… Update …………………………………………………….

Since this was my first lotion I have to give you an update on how it turned out.  The cream itself is beautiful and absorbs nicely into the skin.  However, I should have used “Rose Water” instead of rose hydrosol as it started taking on a vinegar like smell.  This is why we do experiments.  It’s all about trial and error.  I’m getting ready to attempt another and I will let you know how that one turns out.  Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of….”How the Lotion Turns…Out”.

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Although I don’t claim to be a poet, I have really been enjoying writing my herbal rhymes. I have written quite a number of them and may eventually compile them for who knows why….Perhaps someone out there may find them fun, interesting, irrelevant, helpful, goofy….something. So, today I’m going to share with you one for Oatstraw.

Ode to Avena sativa (Oats)

Your sleepless and your restless
Your mind is not at ease
You do for others all the time
Trying hard to please

Your hair has lost it’s luster
and feels like horses straw
Your nails they break,
for goodness sakes,
and your one last nerve is raw

Feeling quite lethargic
your energy it did wane
Your head it hurts on down your spine
And is causing you such pain

Sweet and moist,
the milky seed,
a tonic for the nerves
Kick on back,
and just relax,
its just what you deserve.

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Ode to Achillea millefolium (Yarrow)

Lacerations and bruises, bleeding and chills, a fever and fibroids yarrow it heals.

Though bitter and pungent, cold and dry this herb will cool and tonify.

The tongue it is red and cracked down the middle, the veins they are blue and fast like a fiddle.

When you are irritated and tissue depressed, the veins it will cool along with the chest.

Dyspepsia, colitis, arthritis and gout Yarrow’s not an herb you want to rule out.

When the maidens flow comes to her late, yarrow’s an herb which will promote and stimulate.

Her loins they will cramp, her flow in excess, yarrow will slow the bleed and make it less.

When the pressure is high and the head it aches, a tea of the flowers for goodness sakes.

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